EVANSCAPS are the most power dense capacitors in the industry. EVANSCAPS unique hybrid technology provides significant SWaP savings and enables many of today’s most advanced applications.

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1.4 ” round case providing high reliability with 15 years of proven field service

云南快乐十分任5最大遗漏the newest generation of evanscaps having the highest power density and lowest esr<

hybrid capacitor technology in a traditional tantalum wet case style. high temperature options available.

云南快乐十分任5最大遗漏high power in a compact package. mounting package, high shock, and high temperature options available.

云南快乐十分任5最大遗漏high capacitance in a compact package. shock hardened options available.

云南快乐十分任5最大遗漏banks of thq or tdd capacitors to meet your demanding capacitor needs. cots versions or custom configurations available.

single cell capacitor housed in a polymer case.